Una: Twists and Turns In Facing Up Abuse

Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn as victim and abuser, respectively,in Benedict Andrews’ Una (2016)
A 13-year-old Una and Ray. The flashbacks of their 3 month relationship have no hint of romance, unlike Lolita and Humbert’s.
A vexed Rooney Mara confronts a serene Ben Mendelsohn. The actings give a perfect dimension of how abuse traumatizes the victim while it doesn’t have the same effect in the perpetrator
Una is a turmoil of confusion and has no control of her life. That’s a familiar condition for those who don’t overcome traumas



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Larissa Oliveira

Brazilian writer, teacher and zinester. Articles related to cinematic content. I also write for https://medium.com/@womenofthebeatgeneration_