Riot Grrrl is not dead: 50 bands that push the movement forward

Collage made by me via Canva (Credits to Larissa Oliveira)

1. Sharp Violet

From left: Jessica (lead guitar); Jasmine (drums); Liz (vocals); Allison (rhythm guitar) and Marie (bass). Photo: Reproduction

2. Margaritas Podridas

From left: Carolina (bass and vocals); Alfonso (guitar); Esli (guitar) and Rafael (drums). Photo: Reproduction

3. Cosmogonia

Current lineup of Cosmogonia: Gabriela (vocals); Maria (guitar); Andressa (bass) and Daniela (drums). Photo: Reproduction

4. Testera

From left: Iara (drums); Chrysanthi (bass,vocals); Kopros (keyboards,vocals) and Mandy (in the front-guitar,vocals). Photo: courtesy of the band

5. Calico Fray

+From left: Elle (guitar, bass, mastering, backing vocals); Jess (drums, backing vocals) and Catherine (lead vocals, bass, guitar). Photo: Reproduction

6. Riot Spears

From left: Svenja (backing vocals and bass); Blanca (backing vocals and drums) and Martha (lead vocals,guitar). Photo: Reproduction

7. Girl Gang

From left: Dana and Frankie (vocals and multiple instruments). Photo: Reproduction

8. Harriers of Discord

From left: Duane (bass); Aimee (vocals and guitar) and Marcus (drums). Photo: Reproduction

9. Pjs at Punkphie’s

From left: Sophie (guitar and vocals); Sofía (bass) and Sofi (drums). Photo: Reproduction

10. Judith Judah

From left: Julie (guitar,vocals); Shay (bass) and Clém (drums,vocals). Photo: Reproduction

11. Ratas Rabiosas

Current lineup of Ratas Rabiosas, from left: May (drums); Amanda (guitar and vocals), Angelita (bass,vocals), Gio (vocals). Photo: Reproduction

12. Lavender Witch

From left: Delphine (vocals); Nina (guitar); beside her Nathalie (drums); in front of Nathalie, Gudrun (bass) and on her left, Anne Sophie (guitar). Photo: Reproduction

13. Holly Lanasolyluna

Holly in 2012. Photo: Reproduction

14. The Heroine Whores

From left: Eli (bass); Martin (drums) and Tracy (guitar,vocals). Photo: courtesy of the band

15. Passionless Pointless

From left: Evelyn (guitar,vocals); kate — in front (bass,backing vocals) and Jyoti (drums). Photo: Reproduction

16.Putan Club

From left: François (vocal and guitar); Zoé (drum and vocal) e Gianna (bass and vocal)Photo: Carlo Mazzotta

17. Doña Pacha

Kathy (bass;backing vocals); Doña Chir (drums); Maritza (vocals); Ña Claudia (guitar,backing vocals). Photo: reproduction

18. Guitar Gabby and The TxLips Band

Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan. To see the dynamic lineup of the band click here. Photo: courtesy of the artist

19. Brutal Mary

From left: Ana (guitar,vocals); Arthemys (bass,vocals). The drummer’s name is João. Photo: Reproduction

20. Deborah Benenati

Deborah Benenati. Photo: Reproduction

21. Cat Head

Cat Head’s singer Al Petroni. Photo:Reproduction

22. 24/7 DIVA HEAVEN

From left: Karo (bass, backing vocals); Mary (drums) and Kat (guitar, vocals). Photo: Maren Michaelis

23. Cherry & The Fever Dreams

From left: Zara (drums); Emia (guitar) and Emily (vocals). Photo: Reproduction

24. Nycolle Fernandes

Nycolle Fernandes. Photo: Reproduction

25. Bertha Lutz

From left: Rafa (bass,vocals); Carol (drums); Bah Lutz (vocals); Gabi (guitar) and Debris (guitar,vocals- she’s absent in this picture). Photo: Amanda Goes

26. Arre! Arre!

From left: Mattis (guitar); Katja (bass;vocals); Totta (drums) and Anna (guitar,vocals). The band has a new bassist called Alice. Photo: courtesy of the band

27. Secondhand Underpants

From left: Fulden (vocals, guitar); Temmuz (vocals, drums) and Ceren (vocals, bass). Photo: Reproduction

28. Hex Poseur

Hex Poseur. Photo: Reproduction

29. Proud Miranda

From left: Kathryn (guitar, vocals); Amanda (drums, vocals) and Maddy (bass). Photo: Reproduction

30. Fea

Letty (vocals); Jenn (bass,vocals); Phanie(drummer) and Sofi (guitar,vocals). Photo: reproduction

31. Time Bomb Girls

From left: Déia (bass,vocals); Camila (drums,vocals) and Sayuri (guitar,vocals). Photo: Reproduction

32. Nâmbula Mangueta

From left: Andrea(drums); Gabe (guitar and vocals) and Bruna (bass). Photo: Reproduction

33. Violent Vickie

Violent Vickie. Photo: Reproduction

34. Clandestinas

From left: Camila (contrabass,vocals); Alline (guitar,vocals) and Natália (drums,vocals) Photo:Tatiane Silvestroni

35. Dream Nails

From left: Anya(guitar, vocals); Janey (lead vocals); Mimi (bass, vocals) and in the back, Lucy (drums, vocals). Photo: Reproduction

36. 3D punk rock

From left: Letícia (guitar,vocals); in the front is Polaca (vocals); behind her is Nico (drums) and beside is Julia (bass, vocals). Photo: Reproduction


From left: Jao (drums); Hew (vocals); Julie (guitar); Fralda (bass). Gabi is the original drummer of the group, but she’s gone to São Paulo for some time. Photo: Reproduction

38. Klitores Kaos

From left: Ingrid (guitar); Aline (bass); Debbie (vocals- she has quit the band recently); Josy on the couch (she has also left the band) and Nia (guitar). Photo: Victor Peixe

39. Trash No Star

From left: Letícia (guitar,vocals); Pedro (bateria) and Felipe (bass,vocals). Photo: Diogo Carvalho


From left: Mayra (guitar,vocals); Natália (vocals); Letícia in the back (drums) and Júlia (bass,vocals). Photo: Reproduction

41. Radical Kitten

From left: Marin (bass, vocals); Marion (drums); Iso (guitar, vocals). Photo: Reproduction

42. Molestya

From left: Laura (guitar,vocals); Livia (drums) and Chiara (bass, vocals). Photo: Alessio Chiappalone

43. Riot Grrrl Sessions

From left: Tess (drums,guitar,vocals); Agnes (guitar,vocals); Frida (bass,vocals); Kajsa (guitar,vocals); Katja (synth,beats,noise); Maja (guitar,vocals); Canan (guitar,bass,vocals); Manuela -in the back-(bass,vocals); Madeleine- in front of Manuela-(synth bass,vocals); Hanna- in front of Madeleine-(drums,vocals); Klara- behind Hanna-(guitar,vocals); Nicki- beside Klara-(drums,vocals). Photo:Anna Ledin Wirén

44. Kinderwhores

From left: Paula (srums); Beatriz (bass,vocals); Marcela (guitar,vocals) and Thaís (guitar,vocals). Photo: Reproduction

45. Special Drink

From left: Derick (drums); Gessica (guitar,vocals) Nadia (bass, vocals); in the front is Dani (guitar, vocals). Photo: Reproduction

46. Versinthë99

From left: Ronan (guitar); Lise (drums); Amélie (vocals and accordion); and at the front Lola (bass). Photo: courtesy of the band

47. Tuíra

From left: Hanna (bass, vocals); Juliana (drums); Amanda (guitar,vocals) and Thaís -front- (guitar). Photo: Reproduction

48. The Anti-Queens

From left: Valerie (guitar,vocals); Emily (guitar,vocals); Taylor (bass,vocals) and Samantha (drums). Photo: MICHAELxCrusty

49. Chârogne

From left: Nas (guitar); Catherine (vocals); Jonathan (bass) and Sarah (drums). Photo: BLVCKGOLD

50. Demonia

From left: Maria Fernanda (guitar); Quel (drums); Karina (vocals); Karla (bass) and Graça Isa (guitar). Photo: Luana Tayze

Sergipean teacher, writer and zinester. Posts with a focus on women in Arts mostly in English and a few times in her native language, Portuguese.

Sergipean teacher, writer and zinester. Posts with a focus on women in Arts mostly in English and a few times in her native language, Portuguese.